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Land based or online sportsbooks?

Online bookmakers vs. land-based ones. Many of you face this dilemma. We know the answer to this question...

Bookmaker bets are an integral part of our lives. For some it is an ideal type of entertainment for others it is a hobby, and the others make profits which is becoming the main source of income. Many people do not even know what is sports betting.... it's an agreement between the player referred to as "client" and the bookie. The subject of this agreement is a bet made in writing, the so-called coupon (at land-based bookmakers), or an electronic bet made with the help of a computer with Internet access, after registering at an online bookmaker website. We want to dedicate this article to the rivalry between the online and land-based bookmakers.

Land-based bookmakers have clear distinctive features that make them different from those firms which have decided to provide their services on the Internet. First of all we mean financial issues, specifically the taxes imposed on the land-based sportsbooks. Their amount depends on the laws of the state. Meanwhile, the laws are inconsistent, as they often regulate the issue of "online" activities according to the following principle: " Everything which is not forbidden is allowed" which has led to the fact that online bookmakers have gained genuine power in the gambling market, due to the possibility of setting the highest odds. But these are not all the differences that separate these very different worlds ...

Online bookmakers have an advantage in other aspects of the activity. First of all, marketing strategy is playing a key part here. Most of them advertise, sponsor or become partners of the most famous teams in most sports disciplines. This activity identifies the club with a sponsor and the sponsor with the fans. Everybody knows that money makes money. These are not all the advantages of such cooperation, which also strengthens the reliability of the online bookmaker.

Now let us have a look at betting offer. In addition to standard pre-match bets, we also have "live" bets that can be placed throughout the match. Only a few land-based bookmakers (William Hill, Ladbrokes, Bet365) provide us with such an opportunity. Internet bookmakers usually offer amazing bets for certain disciplines, many types of bets to choose from, attractive bonuses and betting promotions. This can put activities of land-based bookmaker in question in the future...

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